Enrollment upon all Sid Sottung Academy courses constitutes full acceptance, understanding and agreement to comply with our academy’s terms and conditions as below.

1. All students must have a fully proficient understanding of both written and spoken English. Should you require to bring an interpreter to your course then arrangement of such is the sole responsibility of the student and Sid Sottung Academy must be informed of such at the point of booking.
A statutory surcharge for an interpreter to attend the Academy is applicable and the interpreter must hold a proficient command of both written and spoken English to a high level. The academy reserves the right to refuse a student’s attendance without refund should their interpreter hold an unsatisfactory level of English proficiency. All interpreters must strictly not in any way undertake any practical work on behalf of the student.

2. All students attending courses at the academy have full use of professional equipment as provided by the school. If so wished, students can bring their own preferred non-electrical equipment to work with such as scissors, combs, clips etc (all must be professionally sterilized at the academy under the guidance of your tutor).
As in line with regulatory health and safety fire regulations students can bring preferred electrical equipment to the academy, such as clippers, trimmers, straighteners etc however all items must be presented to the class tutor and professionally checked for safety prior to class use.

3. All students are permitted to notify the academy of any illnesses, allergies, medical conditions or disabilities held at the point of booking prior to starting the course.

4. The Sid Sottung Academy does not accept any responsibility or liability for loss, theft or damage of students personal belongings.
It is the students full responsibility to watch all their personal belongings at all times and ensure they are protected and safe. We do not recommend students to bring highly valuable personal items to the academy and if required students can lock their belongings securely in a safe place at the academy.
Any students wishing to use this facility must notify their tutor and they will be asked to sign a form stating the nature of the valuables they wish to be secured, and signed in the presence of a fellow student for security.

5. Students whom cause any damage to the academy premises or academy equipment will be liable and charged accordingly.

6. The Sid Sottung Academy, as in line with all professional educational institutions and universities, cannot guarantee our students employment on completion of our courses. We deliver an outstanding first class educational experience to all our students providing them with the best possible start to their professional career and beyond.
Employment is a personal choice at the discretion of future employers and this is naturally outside the jurisdiction of the academy’s professional services rendered.

7. Enrollment upon all Sid Sottung Academy courses legislates full acceptance, understanding of the course curriculum taught and agreeance to comply with our academy’s full Terms and Conditions as stated fully on our website in addition to the agreeance to attend their course on time daily and take part in all activities scheduled.
Failure to comply will result in student dismissal and no refund of course fees paid.

8. Digital cameras are permitted should students wish to take photographs of their work, however any audio / sound / video recording equipment is strictly prohibited unless cleared with the tutor. If a student is found to be utilizing any of the above illegally the Sid Sottung Academy reserves the right to expel the student immediately without a refund or course certification.

9. All students must be dressed suitably for educational salon work. We recommend a smart casual dress code, with comfortable shoes (not open toed) and no excessive jewelery that may interfere with the provision of safe hairdressing / client services.

10. All students whom enroll upon Sid Sottung Academy courses must be strictly aged 16 or above. A student may be asked to produce legal ID / Proof of age upon registration to their tutor and therefore all students are required to be able to provide such if requested.
It is the sole responsibility of all students to ensure they have such documents ready in the event of being asked to provide such, failure to do so will result in non enrollment and strictly no refund made.

11. All course payments made to the academy are strictly non-refundable, and no exceptions are made for any circumstance whatsoever, whether personal, unforeseen or medical.
However if the statutory notice required as stated below is provided, students are awarded strictly one re-booking to an alternative course date within a 2 month time frame and a re-booking /cancellation fee of £100 is payable to the academy for all 5 Day Hairdressing / Barbering Course re-bookings and a £50 fee applicable for all Wet Shaving Course re-bookings This payment is required at the point of cancellation in full in order to secure the re-booking.
Please note that all students wishing to make a re-booking who have purchased discounted course seats under any specific promotional offer are fully liable to pay any difference in price between the discounted course price and the full price course seat in the month they wish to re-book to (if outside the promotional offer period) in addition to their £100 re-booking / cancellation fee.
Should the re-booking be within the promotional offer time frame then naturally no additional charges will be incurred, except the statutory re-booking / cancellation fee.
Promotional offer seats booked by students are strictly only valid within the time frame of the offer period, and any re-booking to an alternative course date outside the offer period is subject the above additional charge.
Please note students are strictly prohibited from re-booking or selling their course seat to friends / family or any other third party. Any unauthorized selling of course seats outside of the Academy by any private party other than Sid Sottung Academy, will result in the appropriate legal action being taken against the student in question.
Strictly the student who has made the reservation is the only person warranted permission to attend any course re-booking. This is a statutory policy of the academy and non waiver-able.

12. As a professional training academy, Sid Sottung Academy strictly requires a minimum of 28 days cancellation notice from all students in order to authorize a re-booking.
If the statutory notice period is not given then no alternative course date will be issued and in accordance with our school’s policy no refund of fees paid is applicable and the student will not be allowed a re-booking. Therefore upon enrollment students are fully responsible for their own scheduled course attendance and full awareness that the course is strictly non refundable under no circumstances.

13. Should a student fail to attend first day registration or fail to complete the duration of the course enrolled upon strictly no refund or alternate course date will be issued unless a legitimate reason is supplied and the course director deems a re-booking is viable.
The course curriculum as outlined upon our website clearly states an overview of the proposed course taught and as in line with clause (7) enrollment upon all Sid Sottung Academy courses legislates full acceptance, understanding of the curriculum taught and agreeance to attend class daily and comply with our academy’s full Terms and Conditions.

14. All students on completion of their course are required to complete a statutory student course review / testimonial in order to assess and maintain our high standards of professional education of which we are renowned.
The Sid Sottung Academy takes pride in providing all our students with an excellent tutorial experience that is second to none, and therefore by completing the above we endeavor to monitor our educational team / student performance weekly.
Enrolling upon our courses constitutes an agreement to complete the above in addition to the agreeance and acceptance that your completed testimonial can be uploaded onto our website if chosen by our course admissions team, in order to help share your experiences with fellow prospective students.

15. For the purposes of education and marketing, our in house photographer may periodically take pictures throughout the year of a class in session if required by our academy.
Enrollment upon all Sid Sottung Academy courses legislates full acceptance to our photographer taking photographs in the event of such taking place in addition to the agreeance and acceptance that all pictures taken can be uploaded onto our website if chosen by our marketing team.

16. All reservations are strictly valid for 3 working business days pending cheque / bank transfer payment. Should payment not be received by Sid Sottung Academy within this statutory time frame nor the school contacted then the students reservation is automatically cancelled and the seat given to the next student on our waiting list.
As we are a highly popular and busy school we endeavor to operate a fair and professional system for all our students, therefore we cannot hold student bookings without payment once the regulatory time frame has passed.

17. Sid Sottung Academy reserves the right to re-arrange or cancel scheduled course dates in the rare event of unforeseen circumstances. If this happens you will be given as much notice as feasible under the circumstances in question.
Please ensure that you provide accurate contact numbers and email addresses when enrolling in order for us to be able to successfully contact you in the event of such event. Students will be entitled to a complimentary re-booking to an alternative course date in this instance (within a three month time-frame) and strictly no refunds will be authorized.
Additionally in the event of company restructuring and the training center address changing, we reserve the right to relocate and move address accordingly. All students will be notified immediately and given notice no less than within one month of their scheduled course start date.

18. In the rare unforeseen event of severe tutor sickness during any given session, class will be dismissed for the day and any tutorial hours missed will be provided via extra hours scheduled throughout the week to ensure full tuition is received by course completion.

19. Privacy Policy.
Any information you provide us when enrolling with Sid Sottung Academy is covered under this policy and all information will be respected and not passed on to any other parties without expressed consent from the student.
We highly value our students security, therefore we duly and diligently safeguard and protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal details. We do not store any personal contact data or financial details such as credit / debit card information once our student has enrolled and payment is made. Students can either request an online credit/debit card secure payment link to pay online themselves via our secure third party payment processor Paypal or our dedicated course admissions team can process secure payment directly via telephone.
Upon enrollment you will be asked to provide your contact information including email address, mailing address and telephone number in order for us to process your reservation. If you wish to pay using a credit / debit card via telephone we will also need to know your billing address, credit card number and expiry date as standard. Please note you will be transferred to a third party secure service provider’s website in order to submit this information if preferring to pay online.
We will only disclose any information, being primarily the registered student name, in our sole discretion, to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request. We may also refer a students name in question or the name of the person whom paid on the behalf of the student to any legal / government body or like companies in the event of fraud for credit fraud protection and risk reduction.