I just finished a 4 week course at Sid Sottung Academy. I have never been taught by people who are more passionate about what they do and in helping and caring about their students so much. I have had such a laugh and learnt so much. I couldn’t hold scissors on the first day, compared […]

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Tucker Hair Company

I’ve been on a few courses at the academy and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Sid, Matthew and the rest of the team are amazing guys, welcoming and fantastic teachers. They are committed to delivering the highest standard of training in the time that I was with them. I never wanted to leave!

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Dashing Blades Barbershop

I have completed 2 courses at the Sid Sottung Academy, I found Sid and the courses excellent. Sid, although extremely professional, made the course practical and fun. He made me understand that as well as being good at what you do it’s also the experience for the client, creating a friendly, fun and professional atmosphere. […]

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Marquis Barbershop

Passionate, professional, charming and motivated team of educators. After years of putting off training to be a barber, I’m so glad I did it with the help of such a fab team. The training was so detailed and in-depth and I left feeling like I could immediately start my career in the barbering industry. I’d […]

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The cutting course with Sid was very well thought out and went into great detail. Sid himself has a way of speaking to people and making things more simple and that’s what I like, as a trainer myself over complicating makes it a lot harder to take in so the way he explained taking everything back to basics and precision cutting and simplifying everything was so easy to understand. I have been in the hairdressing business for 10 years and now training our younger team he made me re think about making training more simple again. I also took a few techniques and used on my clients in the salon as well. All in all this training day with Sid was very successful. Thanks for having us.

Webster & Carr – Newcastle

Where do I begin ?
This is a honest review from a salon owner in Newcastle. The thing is when your entrenched in running your business you’re still looking to be inspired. You’re probably there yourself busy being the admin the stylist the mediator ? The accountant !
Somewhere in there you want that buzz that energy that got you into the craft … who do you trust ? Well I once was told only Steel can sharpen Steel so I looked for the best ! Not only was the training inspirational, bespike and personalised the guys honed in on the business found my spark and fanned the flames ! They invested time effort in understanding my unique challenges with my skills , business , current climate, aspirations the whole lock stock and barrel.
Sid stretched me , challenged me , didn’t make it easy he made it REAL relative and inspirational.
I would never ever go anywhere else this Academy is now part of our CPD regime and will only grow over time.
Steel sharpens steel .

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Guy Morton

Sandra’ Hair Salon

‘An informative and educational course that caters for every ability in a relaxed, professional and friendly environment. Sid Sottungs educational classes are essential if you are serious about becoming a better barber or hairdresser’
‘As a salon manager I was able to impart the knowledge gained to staff members in a very pragmatic and understandable fashion. The inspirational learnings obviously will be passed on to the benefits of clients and hence the business.’

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